Credits and legal notices

1. Important information

BLUELINK has designed and created this Website and operates it to enable each User to access information organised in various Sections, in particular information relating to the services we offer, our various areas of expertise, commercial references and positions available within BLUELINK.

Each User acknowledges that he/she has been informed of the lack of reliability inherent in the Internet, especially in relation to security concerning the transfer of data, the lack of guaranteed continuity of access to the Website, the lack of guaranteed performance in terms of the volume and speed of the transfer of data.

Having read all of the information necessary for use of the Website and Services described hereinafter, each User has accepted to register and to abide by the following conditions.


2. Definitions

In relation to the present General Conditions, each of the expressions listed below shall have the meaning given to it, namely:

“Form”: A form completed by a User to respond to advertised Available Positions, submit a speculative application, request commercial information or obtain “press” contact details.

“Internet”: A set of IT and telecommunications networks that are interconnected across the world and provide web users with access to content via servers.

“Available Positions”: Available Positions advertised by BLUELINK.

“Section”: A set of webpages consisting of information and forms, entitled “About Us”, “Our solutions”, “Expertise”, “Our centres”, “Press” and “Recruitment”.

“Service”: A set of services relating to information and advertising Available Positions online, which can be accessed via the Sections.

“Website”: Website published by BLUELINK, which can be accessed at the web address

“User”: A physical person visiting the Website and requesting detailed information or completing a Form.


3. Purpose

The purpose of the present General Conditions is to define the conditions in accordance with which Users shall use the Website and the various Services.

The act of visiting the Website via the various Sections and using the Contact Forms or responding to advertised Available Positions shall imply acceptance of the present General Conditions by Users.

Users acknowledge that they have been informed of the present General Conditions of Use and declare that they accepted them unreservedly.


4. Period of validity and entry into force

These General Conditions shall enter into force from the time of the first visit and first use of one of the Services by Users of the Website, without any requirement for Users to sign a copy of the present General Conditions.

The present General Conditions shall be concluded for an unspecified period and may be amended or withdrawn by BLUELINK at any time.


5. Free access to the Website and Services

It shall be free to use the Website and Services that can be accessed at the web address However, all expenses relating to access to the Internet and the communications expenses required to access and use the Website and Services shall be borne by Users.


6. Conditions for Access to the Services

The Services may be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in the event of force majeure or an event outside of BLUELINK’s control, subject to any breakdowns or maintenance work that may be necessary in order to ensure correct operation of the Website and the Services.

The communication protocols used shall be those in common usage on the Internet at the time that the present General Conditions are accepted by Users, together with any future communication protocols.

Access to and use of the Website and Services shall require a microcomputer with Internet access, together with software and plugins that are available online, in particular on the publishers’ websites.

Following approval of each Form, Users will receive a confirmation e-mail notifying them that their request has been received and reminding them that they may view and/or download the present General Conditions at any time via the Website.


7. Obligations incumbent upon Users

Users must provide a valid e-mail address in order to use the Services.
Whilst using the Services, the Forms in particular, Users also undertake not to:
  • provide false information
  • make false or fraudulent statements
  • create a false identity or use the identity of a third party
  • disrupt access to and use of the Services
  • reproduce and/or use the brand, company name, logo or any distinctive sign belonging to a third party

8. Conditions for viewing advertised Available Positions

The Available Positions advertised on the Website may be viewed freely via the “Join us” Section.

In order to apply for such Available Positions, Users must complete the Form provided for this purpose and they must submit a CV.

BLUELINK shall confirm receipt of the Forms by e-mail.


9. Obligations incumbent upon BLUELINK

Users are hereby reminded that, in its capacity as host of the content and in accordance with Article 6 of the French Law to Support Confidence in the Digital Economy of 21 June 2004, BLUELINK is obliged to:

  • store and retain data enabling identification of any and all persons who have contributed to the creation of content (Forms) using its Website, as the legal authorities may request that such information be provided to them;
  • remove stored or retained information, or ensure that such information may not be accessed, in the event that BLUELINK becomes aware of its illicit nature.

Users are also hereby informed that BLUELINK is not, however, obliged to monitor the information that it stores in a general manner, nor is it obliged to generally seek out facts or circumstances relating to illicit activities.


10. Proof, storage and archiving

The digital registries stored in the BLUELINK IT systems under reasonable security conditions shall be considered as proof of communication and of the sending of Forms, as well as acting as proof for the transfer of information between Users and BLUELINK, so as to enable the latter to carry out the processing activities required by Users.

In the event of a discrepancy between BLUELINK’s digital registries and any documents in hardcopy or electronic file format owned by Users, the parties hereby expressly agree that BLUELINK’s digital registries shall take precedence over the documents owned by Users and shall be the only versions acceptable as proof.


11. Amendments to the Services and applicable General Conditions

BLUELINK reserves the right to amend the present General Conditions of Use or the rules governing the use of the Services at any time.

Each new version of the present General Conditions shall be uploaded to the Website.

Users must consult these General Conditions of Use regularly.

Continuing to use any of the Services or to visit the Website following any amendment to the General Conditions of Use shall imply acceptance of the amendments to the General Conditions by Users.

In addition, BLUELINK reserves the right to change its Services.

Technical amendments may take place without any notice from BLUELINK.

Furthermore, BLUELINK reserves the right to permanently withdraw one or more of the Services offered to Users immediately and without any replacement whatsoever.


12. Guarantees relating to the content of the information

Users are hereby informed that the information uploaded to the Website by BLUELINK may be incomplete, non-exhaustive or out of date and that it is, therefore, the responsibility of Users to check the level of completeness of such information and whether or not it is up to date with BLUELINK, prior to taking such information into consideration, in particular prior to accepting any of the Services offered or Available Positions advertised.

Due to the fact that Users are the sole responsible parties for the content that they create using the Forms, Users provide BLUELINK with a guarantee against any and all action that may be initiated against it in relation to such content.

Users undertake to personally handle any and all claims and/or legal proceedings, of any nature or type whatsoever, that may be brought against BLUELINK and that are related either directly or indirectly to the content of the Forms.

Therefore, Users undertake to personally settle any and all sums that claimants may demand from BLUELINK with the former and, if applicable, to voluntarily participate in any and all proceedings initiated against BLUELINK, in addition to guaranteeing the latter against all penalties that may be issued against them during such proceedings.


13. BLUELINK Ownership

BLUELINK shall remain the owner of:

  • each of the Services;
  • the database, in particular its structure, that is designed and managed by it or the management of the Website and the Services;
  • all information, knowledge and expertise, specification documents and, more generally, any and all design elements relating to the Services and their components;
  • the intellectual and industrial property rights over all of the design elements relating to the Website and the Services, whether graphical or technical;
  • the brands, patents, names, acronyms, logos, colours, graphics or other signs that may be used, created or introduced by BLUELINK in relation to the Website and the Services.

Therefore, Users shall refrain from reproducing by any means whatsoever, either directly or indirectly, the elements listed in the preceding section, as well as from changing the brands, patents, names, acronyms, logos, colours, graphics or other signs that appear on the elements provided by BLUELINK and, in a more general manner, from using or exploiting such elements other than for the execution of these General Conditions.


14. Liability

It is hereby expressly agreed that BLUELINK is subject only to an obligation of means for the execution of the present General Conditions of Use.

Users, who shall acknowledge this fact, shall be responsible for using the Website and Services at their own risk and for carrying out any and all checks, in particular prior to sending the Forms under their own sole responsibility.

BLUELINK may not be held liable for the information uploaded by Users using the Forms.

BLUELINK may not be held liable for any difficulty whatsoever in relation to sending the Forms or, more generally, for any disruptions to the Internet that may impact on the use of the Website and the Services.

Users hereby expressly acknowledge that BLUELINK has, by means of communicating information to the Users using the present General Conditions and the Website, fulfilled all of its obligations concerning advice and information in relation to the characteristics of the Services and the Sections provided.

BLUELINK shall not, in any event, accept responsibility for any indirect damages and shall not be obliged to repair any indirect damages such as financial or commercial prejudice, loss of opportunity, loss of any information whatsoever that may result in difficulties associated with sending and receiving User Forms.


15. Protection of personal data

BLUELINK attaches great importance to the protection of personal data. It is committed to providing the best possible level of protection of your personal data in compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation and the French Data Protection Act (Loi informatique et libertés).

For further information concerning the protection of personal data, you can also consult the French Data Protection Authority’s website

  • Identity of the controller

The personal data are collected by BLUELINK, registered in the Trade & Companies Register (RCS) of Créteil B 387 944 259, having its registered office at 74 Avenue Vladimir Ilitch Lénine – Immeuble Osmose – 94 112 Arcueil Cedex – FRANCE.

  • Why do we collect your data?

The information and data concerning you enable us to improve and adapt the services we propose, including via our website, and Users’ personal data are required in order to benefit from Services including a Form.

Consequently, the data we collect via the forms featured on the website are processed for commercial prospection and recruitment purposes.

  • What sort of data are collected?


The information we may collect and process, including via the forms featured on our website is your: last name, first name, postal address, personal e-mail address, work e-mail address, job title, company, business sector, requirements of which BLUELINK is aware, telephone number, curriculum vitae and public LinkedIn data.

Some data are collected automatically via your actions on the website.

  • Cookies


Users are informed that during their visits to the Website, a cookie may be installed automatically on their browser software. A cookie is a block of data by which Users cannot be identified, but which is used to record information concerning their browsing on the Website. BLUELINK only uses audience measurement cookies, which do not make it possible to trace your browsing on other websites or your browsing history.

  • Data retention period

Data collected for commercial prospection purposes are kept for 3 years before being deleted. Data collected for recruitment purposes are kept for 2 years. For their part, the cookies are deleted after 6 months.


  • Data recipients


The data collected via the BLUELINK websites and applications are intended for the BLUELINK group. It may be shared with subsidiary companies of the BLUELINK group operating under the BLUELINK brand or with companies (subcontractors) used by BLUELINK for the performance of the services.

  • Data transfers


As some BLUELINK offices may be located outside the European Union, in countries whose legislation does not guarantee an adequate level of protection, these offices contractually agree to comply with European personal data protection principles.

  • Your rights regarding the European General Data Protection Regulation


Pursuant to the European General Data Protection Regulation of 27 April 2016, you have a right to access, rectify and oppose the processing of personal data concerning you. To do so, you should simply contact the BLUELINK Data Protection Officer (DPO)

  • by post at 74 Avenue Vladimir Ilitch Lénine – Immeuble Osmose – 94 112 Arcueil Cedex – FRANCE
  • by mail at

informing us of your last name, first name and e-mail address. Pursuant to the applicable regulations, your request must be signed and accompanied by a copy of an identity document bearing your signature and must specify the address to which the reply should be sent. This will be sent to you within one month following the receipt of your request.

  • Use of data in relation to social networks


The use of social networks and BLUELINK’s services in relation to these social networks may result in the collection and transfer of certain data between the social networks and BLUELINK. We invite you to consult the personal data protection policies of these social networks in order to fully familiarise yourself with the information which is collected by them and the end uses of your data. You can configure the access and privacy settings for your data directly on the social networks. BLUELINK is not responsible for the use made of your personal data by social networks acting on their own behalf.


16. General provisions

The publication manager for this Website is Mr Frank Legré, in his capacity as a legal representative of BLUELINK.

The Webmaster is Mrs Giada Martufi.

The Website is hosted by the company Alter Way Hosting.

This Website is governed by French law. Conflict-of-law rules are expressly excluded, in favour of the complete and unreserved application of French law. Foreign residents formally accept the application of French law by visiting this Website and by using all of part of the functions of the Website.

BLUELINK shall do its utmost to ensure that the Website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; however, it may not be held liable in any way whatsoever.

The general structure, as well as the software, texts, animated or fixed images, sounds, knowledge and expertise, drawings, graphics and any other elements that form the Website is the exclusive property of BLUELINK, with the exception of certain photographs, the owners of which shall be identified.

Any representation, either in whole or in part, of this Website, in any way whatsoever, without express authorisation from BLUELINK, is prohibited and shall constitute an offence punishable by Articles L.335-2 et seq. of the French Intellectual Property Code.

This shall also apply to the databases produced by BLUELINK that appear on the Website and are protected by the provisions of the Law of 1 July 1998 on the Legal Protection of Databases.

The brands owned by BLUELINK and its partners, together with the logos, that appear on the Website are registered trademarks.

Any reproduction, either in whole or in part, of these brands, and of these brands and/or logos using elements from the Website, without express authorisation from BLUELINK, shall therefore be prohibited, pursuant to Article L.713-2 of the French Intellectual Property Code.

Hypertext links used on the Website that link to other resources available on the Internet, in particular that link to its partners, have received express written authorisation in advance.

BLUELINK shall do its utmost to provide Users with information and/or tools that are available and have been verified; however, it may not be held liable for any errors, any lack of availability of the information and/or any viruses that may be present on the Website.

Users of the Website are hereby requested to inform BLUELINK of any omissions, errors or corrections, by sending an e-mail to the Webmaster of the Website using the following e-mail address: