2021 trends in customer relations


With radical changes taking place, new practices emerge in customer relations. It is essential to remain alert to these changes and their challenges in order to introduce a winning strategy. Decoding 5 trends of this new era.


…The era of conversation

Traditional advertising is in decline and the now sceptical public is even shielding itself from it, paying less attention to brand messages than to the quality of exchanges with them. As the most natural means of interaction between people, conversation is proving to be one of the best catalysts for satisfaction, more efficient than e-mails, though also more cost-effective for companies. With 5 billion individuals using a messaging app each month, a fresh market is opening up for brands. Among the most commonly used are: WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram Direct.


… The era of voice analysis


There are ever more efficient solutions used to analyse the “voice of the customer”. In real time, they provide an indication of the customerlient’s mood through the interactions and gauge their satisfaction. Objectively analysed, as a whole, they can be used to scan all conversations to extract valuable verbatim accounts. The 2021 trend is seeing a stronger take-up by brands of this type of solution in order to gather customer perceptions, learn lessons from this and improve their customer experience.


…The era of commitment


Ever more sensitive to the commitment of companies, customers are even boycotting some brands out of principle. The quest for meaning is in keeping with the times and, together with it, the committed brands, contributing to the common good, though also asserted and unique, are making a difference. To hell with Greenwashing! To be credible, brands must actually embody the values that they advertise and provide hard evidence of their commitment. The trend is towards more frugal and mindful consumption, which broadly benefits the used and second-hand market.


…The era of live videos


Consultations, troubleshooting and repairs: video will continue to be deployed in customer relations as an efficient remote assistance medium. Whether it is to show the advisor any problems with equipment installed at the client’s premises or to maintain affinity and local contact with them, the integration of a video channel is a promise of efficiency and of generating value in customer relations. Conversational dynamic, immediacy and simplicity of interactions: video brings a new dimension to the customer experience. It remains a sophisticated means of communication requiring perfect integration into business applications and the brand’s omnichannel strategy.


…The era of security


The more the customer predominantly expresses a desire for effortless experience when they are identified on a site, the greater the challenges have become in terms of security in customer experience. Resentment linked to a feeling of digital insecurity, such as reluctance to provide personal data on the internet, finds its origin in the fear that these data will be passed on to third parties. Dissatisfaction may also be linked to the excessive amount of information requested. In today’s multi-channel and even cross-channel world, building a relationship based on digital confidence is a key challenge for brands, a factor in differentiation and competitiveness.

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