Achieving harmony to (re)discover meaning

Tanguy de Laubier

Chairman and CEO

Views and ideas

4.4 billion. That is the number of Internet users around the globe recorded in 2019, i.e. more than half of our planet’s population. With the rise of digital technology, today’s world is all about connections, networks, flows: this is the golden age of Relationships. Paradoxically, this global and hyper-connected world is dissonant and fragmented. There is now an urgent need to find new meaning through harmony…

Digital technology: paving the way to a more human approach

The Earth has been entirely conquered. From now on, the only territories to be explored are the intangible ones of knowledge, conscience and meaning. Borderless and paperless territories. From this digital environment emerges an archipelago of islands unknown to one another. A world where image and reputation oust everything. Where overabundance is driving back riches. Where speech is free but it is difficult to get along. However, this digital transformation opens up an alternative to the material economy of retention and balances of power in the face of all social and ecological common sense. It invites us to question what it is to be human and reflect on our intangible capital supported by a base which is cultural but also relational and emotional.

The human aspect: essential for forging links

By nature, humans are relational, we do not exist alone, our identity is underpinned by interactions. We are also cultural beings with a need to belong to a group and a community through our history, language and morals, etc. Ultimately, we are emotional beings: the emotional process is crucial for our survival; we are all descendants of survivors. Emotion is a driving force, it forges experience, pushes us to act and sticks in the mind because there is no memory without emotion.

Similarly, the value of a company, a brand, lies in its ability to accentuate its human part by relying on these fundamentals to engage its community. Differentiate oneself by drawing on one’s cultural resources, history and values. Forge open, vibrant links and exist in the future thanks to the emotion generated by relationships.

Harmonious links to energise Relationships

At BlueLink, we are convinced that only humans can enjoy and help others enjoy a harmonious and rewarding relational experience. That we possess a decisive emotional strength to create a link and that our ability to read between the lines makes all the difference. “Harmonising the cultures of brands with the cultures of the world” is our raison d’être. To this end, we are committed to developing our cultural intelligence, which is fundamental to understanding each other better and thus getting along. Taming cultural specificities without prejudice or judgement requires true intercultural engineering to weave a harmonious and therefore engaging link with each customer. What makes the link so intense is what we share in terms of openness and empathy, curiosity and generosity.

More than ever, the real value lies in sharing, in the balance of flows rather than the balance of power, in symbiosis and not exploitation. More than ever, the real value lies in the links to be cultivated rather than in goods to consume. More than ever the real value lies in the quality of the Relationship where it is no longer a question of using others but instead listening and responding to them. These represent the mission and the talent of our teams.