Guest piece: BrainsWatt



For almost 2 years now, we have had the pleasure of accompanying BlueLink in its Open Innovation strategy. This is a deep-seated transformation for the company, which began with several working sessions and conferences focused on digital transformation, innovation, the customer experience and collective intelligence.


Today’s world is changing at lightning speed. Not that innovation first appeared 15 years ago – humankind has been innovating for thousands of years – but the speed at which it is spreading is quite simply unprecedented. Never in the history of humanity have we had access to as much information at such a low cost. This totally new situation is revolutionising the way innovation occurs, spreads and transforms (or even disrupts) existing equilibriums.


The transport (Uber) and hotel (AirBnB) markets have felt the full force of the digital wave and today no sector is immune. Banking, finance, health, education, whole sections of the economy are concerned. US law firms have “hired” their first robots to deliver basic legal advice, while Watson (IBM’s artificially intelligent system) now sits on a board as a full member!


The world is changing… and the traditional BlueLink business line is also set to change profoundly in the coming years. New communication channels have emerged (Whatsapp), while others have almost disappeared (letters sent by post)