Mathilde Rodrigues

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Bluelink stories


Tomorrow, at dawn, in the hour when the countryside becomes white,


Thomas will leave. You see, he knows that planes will not wait for him.


He goes by the ring road, and suddenly feelings of uneasiness overwhelm him.


He can no longer be held up in the traffic or he surely will miss his plane.


I’m receiving Thomas’ call, with my eyes fixed on my thoughts,


Without seeing anything outside, nor hearing any noise,


Undoubtedly, at that moment, I fully devote myself to him,


Sad, he narrowly missed his flight, but I will endeavour to reassure him.


I know his card is worth gold,


And the miles galore he redeemed.


I ensure that he leave at the earliest convenience in the best possible conditions.


Thomas is now appeased, and he knows that


from now on,


he can depend on me.