Giada Martufi

Corporate Communications Manager

Views and ideas

FAQs, avatars, price-comparison websites, mutual support forums, interactive voice servers, community chats … at a time when brands are committed to simplifying the customer journey, consumers are becoming increasingly autonomous with the development of self-care tools. But what is the best way to get help if a problem crops up, be reassured in a challenging situation, find a sympathetic ear and receive the kind of attention which brands promise?

The more digital our world, the more the added value of human aspects in customer relations makes sense. The customer advisor profession has changed beyond recognition in recent years. In the past, we used to seek out people with technical skills, capable of mastering highly complex software, especially in the airline sector. Today we are looking for those with excellent people skills, real talent, emotional intelligence, with a single goal in mind: warm interactions founded on emotion, kindness, attention, humour and respect.

All of the emotions, perceptions and feelings experienced by a client before, during and after the purchase of a product or service inevitably shape their relationship with the brand (their attachment, loyalty and commitment). Throughout the customer journey, moments of interaction must be handled with the utmost care: the advisor is there to reassure a passenger whose suitcase is missing on arrival, to assist a customer who is unable to complete their booking online, to surprise someone who has posted an irate message on social networks and even make them smile. Relational excellence must mark every exchange and every interaction to become a genuine state of mind.

Our mission consists in (re)creating a sense of closeness, despite the distance. Being able to shake up the relationship, generate emotion, whatever the channel. In a face-to-face relationship, 80% of messages are conveyed non-verbally. Remotely, only the last 20% come across! In this context, empathy is essential: the ability to listen, dialogue, reassure, care, build bridges, be attentive. Sometimes with a touch of humour but always with patience, politeness and kindness.

In short, the value of emotion is now key in successful customer relations. In the digital era, the emotional impact and human contact must be placed at the heart of the relationship between brands and their customers.