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The Maxime’s message


I enrolled in the Flying Blue programme on my 2nd birthday.

On the next day, I was happy to catch my first flight to Rome as a passenger in my own right.

However, I understood that I would get welcome miles and my dad, who “helped” me enrol in your programme, would get an “award”.

For that matter, he should deserve a Platinum For Life card, since he always insists that we travel with Air France.

Thank you in advance,



The response of Marylin, Flying Blue Team Coordinator

Hello Maxime,

First off I extend to you my warmest welcome to our loyalty programme.

I trust that your first trip with Air France went off very well.

The flights that you performed with Alitalia airline between Beirut and Nice are already credited to your Flying Blue account.

As sponsorship and welcome bonuses do not exist, I took upon myself to grant you a 500 award-mile bonus that I’m crediting to your account.

Thus, your Flying Blue account shows a balance of 2,566 award-miles to date.

The Flying Blue Platinum For Life card cannot be granted as a goodwill gesture. Your father must be a Flying Blue Platinum member for 10 consecutive years to receive it.

However, you will thank him on my behalf for taking the time of enrolling you in the Flying Blue Programme and for sharing with you his passion for travels.

We will be happy to welcome you as a Flying Blue member on your next trip with Air France.

See you very soon.


The dad’s response

Thank you Marylin for the 500 welcome miles and a big THANKS for your very nice message!

It makes you want to be part of this programme.

Maxime’s Dad