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Hello, welcome to…! How may I help you?”


How many times have I repeated this greeting formula? A thousand times, maybe… And today, I feel the longing to stop at each word and assess its content in happiness. These words have a meaning, an orientation: is it the way to happiness? And a voice to carry them: is it the voice to happiness? A sun-drenched “hello”, an engaging welcome and an open question. A proneness to happiness? Where does it aptly belong in my trade, in my relationship to the customer, and by extension to others?


For most of us, the word “happiness” echoes with strength. It’s even a quasi-philosophical concern.


The world is constantly changing. In this age of loss of bearings and anxiety, this quest for meaning has regained in strength and vitality. What is the meaning of my personal and professional life? Am I happy? What can I do to achieve happiness? Just what is happiness?


I have long believed that – at last – my life would start at the “right time”. Life. Real life. But there was always a hurdle on my way: an issue to be solved first, an unfinished theme, a time to grin and bear it. Once all this has been resolved, then real life could start. Up to the moment when I realised that those hurdles were part of my life! There is not only one way to happiness. Happiness is on the way. Each moment we have inexorably passes by. When we share this moment with someone special, special enough to share time with them, then we recall that time is not waiting.


So… stop waiting to finish your studies, to increase your wage, to get married, to have a child or two, to see your children leave home… stop waiting for Friday evening, holiday, spring, summer, autumn or winter…


Life will always be filled with challenges to be met or projects to be fulfilled. Decide that there is no better moment than now to be happy. Happiness is the way. Find your way. Get off the beaten track: fall sometimes and get back on your feet. Learn from your failures. Dare to be yourself. Bridge the gap between what you are and what you do.


So… at the other end of the line or the keyboard: happiness of being fully at what you are doing. Without making any plans. Simple happiness in fact. Act with awareness. Live your job at the fullest. Project a part of you in it. Each interaction is a unique encounter, an unprecedented experience. Greet warmly. Say hello for real. Greet and welcome, wholeheartedly. The happiness of listening to the other person. Hear what they have to say. Reassure them. Take care of them. Because serving is a noble task. Be aware of this value, of this outstanding ability of empathy and humanity. The happiness of giving it your best shot and involving yourself.


Therein emerges the meaning. To feel useful. Everything lies in the intention and the impulse. The happiness of bringing happiness to the other person (whether it be a client, a co-worker or an employee): a virtuous circle. Share: happiness is not lonely