Views and ideas


On March 31st, BlueLink Group hosted the third in their series of events Ambassadors of Future Care. These events involve BlueLink assembling groups of experts to discuss together how the future of customer care is being shaped and how brands can adapt their service strategies so as to remain innovative. During these events participants share their experiences with one another and learn from best practices explained by other experts. This third event focused on the challenges that brands are currently facing as a result of the digital transformation in the service sector. Brands are facing customers who are more empowered and more connected than ever before. To be able to serve this highly demanding type of customer, who frequently shifts channel, brands need to be efficiently organised to respond with the same flexibility. We asked Nicolas Beretti to provide us with insights into the concept of innovation and into how brands can prepare themselves internally. Nicolas is the CEO of Brainswatt and helps brands to look at their own internal organisation and to engage in brainstorming sessions in order to innovate their business processes.


He opens with the disruptive affirmation that innovation, most of the time, is not that innovative at all. Changing processes to improve performance is not covered in the standard definition of innovation. This fact is reinforced by the corporate structure of many big companies, given that “big companies are designed to be bad at innovation. They focus on performance and not on actual innovation.” This really makes you re-evaluate the understanding you have of innovation. So when do you actually get to the innovative part of innovation? Nicolas states that current innovation revolves around speed. The speed of digital makes it imperative for brands to act fast and be bold. It’s important these days not to focus exclusively on your core business, but in addition to create innovative labs so as to look for new business opportunities: “The lab is not there to create money