The Innovation Lab: making ideas and talents flourish

Aurélie Sutter

Innovation Lab & Consulting Director

Views and ideas


On 22 January, BlueLink launched its Innovation Lab during a day of talks and discussions centred on the relational experience.


It was in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, in a coworking space committed to showcasing and promoting the social and solidarity-based economy, that we officially launched this initiative on which we have been working for several months now. Although the day began under the first snowy blanket of winter, the participants braved the elements to come and listen to the various speakers who successively took the floor throughout the day.


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What are the Lab’s objectives?


In a bid to continue helping our clients to embrace the relational experience as a key differentiator, I am fortunate enough to be taking forward this project that targets our entire ecosystem, both internal and external.


Twin objectives:


    • Accelerate the development of our offers around the relational experience


    • Develop the culture of innovation, especially with internal stakeholders


After last year’s focus on reviewing the approach and implementing an initial exploratory project in test & learn mode, 2019 marks the official launch of the Lab.


To meet the objectives we have set ourselves, the Innovation Lab has 3 missions: inspire, explore and develop talent.


An agile and participative approach, to build on the diversity of talents and skills


The approach is based on a slimmed-down permanent team because it is intended to be agile and participatory: depending on the projects, we want to call on the most suitable profiles, with motivated and determined individuals. The idea is to decompartmentalise innovation and allow those who express a wish to participate in projects developing our offers. The value is twofold: each person contributes their business know-how and talent to the team and, in return, discovers new fields for applying their knowledge, as part of an approach aimed at developing their skills. We may even end up stimulating new career interests, because everyone must be able to be a player in their own professional development.


For 2019, the Innovation Lab aims to take forward 3 to 4 exploratory projects with, in each case, a multidisciplinary team bringing together a broad range of talents within the company but also our parent company Air France and our ecosystem of partners. Varied profiles then, but the same desire to continue promoting a service mindset and enhancing the relationship between brands and their customers.