Narimane Lazizi

Customer advisor and brand ambassador

Views and ideas

Imagine Customer Relations like a shared garden, where the gardeners would be the different communication channels between the customers and the brands: social media, the Internet and customer relations centres.

The customers pass through the Web’s main gate and must be able to move about in this garden from one point to another, with the Awareness that this garden belongs to the same brand.

While strolling, it is beneficial to observe the natural phenomena that take place on FaceBook and Twitter’s areas: they are true greenhouses where any taste and colour can turn into a moot point and lead to heated discussions.

It is good form to extract the essence of these fruit (having thanked Mother Complaint) and feed CRM databases with valuable information that will help better target the e-consumers’ expectations.

Sometimes, there are wildfires flaring up… and this is where watering – and community management – come in. Brands must be developed in an original way, and be perfectly trimmed like a hedge in “Edward Scissorhands”. Brand image knows no boundaries, much in the same way as Tim Burton’s unfinished creature.

On the way out of the garden, lies a flower bed with a variety of carefully chosen species: the customer care centre: a living organism providing the most specific responses, with Intelligence, Boldness and Empathy, thereby making customer experience more human.