Mathilde Rodrigues

BlueLink Blogger

Bluelink stories

The advisor, having claimed

A lack of availability,

Found himself caught off-guard

When the dispute arose.

Not a single little flight to Rio

In Business or in Economy class.

He looked for alternatives

To satisfy his disgruntled customer,

Asking him to be patient

For a few more minutes while he found

A solution that would suit him.

“I have a seat for you in First Class in July”,

He said in a cheerful voice

“Can I book the seat for you

So that you can travel comfortably?”

The advisor pulled it off brilliantly

Without a hitch.

“Your ticket has now been issued,

Enjoy your stay under the Brazilian sun”

He said to the dumbstruck customer.

“I’m delighted, I hope that does not displease you.”

“Delighted? I will not look askance.

But now, it’s time to dare.”