Views and ideas


There is a trend right now to systematically give labels like crazy to portions of the population. People born between 1978 and 1994, are part of the so-called “Generation Y”. Pleased to meet you.


The Americans also dub us the “Digital Natives”, or even the Internet generation. Yes, just because we were born in the computer era.


Internet means information, anywhere, anytime. We, the millennials, are not patient. We want everything and we want it now. And if you let us down, be sure that we’ll let you know. You bet we will! As we like sharing our discontent, we like speaking out on a brand, a product or a service… and we like shouting out loud when we like something, but especially when we don’t!


That’s cause for concern for the companies and the brands. We clearly understood that in some cases, just harassing a customer relations centre is not enough. And it’s unlike us to send a letter and wait for a response that will take months. We need to get clear-cut feedback. That seems so straightforward and obvious: we have a question