When outsourcing of customer relations generates value

Frank Legré

Directeur général de BlueLink

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Brands that outsource a major part of their customer services are more likely to win an award in the Customer Service of the Year competition: that’s what emerges from the 2021 edition of the report produced by EY at the request of the SP2C (Professional Union of Contact Centres in France) analysing customer relations trends for contact centres on the French market.


This study highlights the essential role of outsourced customer services in the economy and underlines their extraordinary resilience during the pandemic. During this period, more than 80% of incoming contacts were related to commercial assistance or re-assistance. And the telephone channel was the most popular: verbal communication remaining the preferred contact method, generating 76% of turnover, compared to 9.2% via email, 5.2% on social media and 4.2% via chat.


Dealing with call peaks that are as sudden as they are unpredictable requires genuine expertise. Because that is what is needed to meet the challenge of the complexity of an omnichannel service, multi-site management, the integration of AI technologies and the massive switch to teleworking, all while striving to create a memorable and engaging customer experience. An expertise that is based on technological innovations but also, and above all, on the excellent service provided by the men and women who have chosen the profession of customer relations.


Distance is intrinsic to contact centres and has become a key parameter at a time of physical distancing due to the health context and the boom in e-commerce. Using it to build a close or even exceptionally close relationship, that’s what you call a true art! You have to detect people with interpersonal skills and help them grow over the long term. From recruitment to training, not to mention efficient tools and managementcombining empathy and high standards: having engaged customer advisers is a key requirement because to engage customers, you first need to engage talent.


As important interfaces, they embody the world of the brands for which they are the ambassadors. Postures and attitudes, phrasing, spirit of service: these soft skills help deliver a fluid customer experience that is consistent with the brand promise, regardless of the interaction channel.


In addition to the quality of products and/or services, customer relations is a fundamental and strategic lever for standing out from the competition and strengthening appeal. By outsourcing their customer relations remotely, brands must be able to confidently entrust their most valuable capital to real experts and so rely on their know-how. A daring choice but unquestionably a winning one!