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BlueLink has been committing itself for years in corporate patronage activities around two focuses:

  • Diversity and Handicap: partnership with France’s wheelchair rugby team since 2013, and supporting the Transavia team in the Marathon des Sables (“Sand Marathon”) in 2013 and 2015.
  • Access for all to knowledge through culture and education

Through this second focus, BlueLink provides its support to the “Aïna Enfance & Avenir” association (Aïna Childhood & Future”) through a financial and a skills patronage programme.

Aïna is intended to reinvent children’s lives in Madagascar, one of the poorest countries in the world, and to help them to build a future for themselves.

Aïna or Madagascan for “Life”

Created in 2005 by two Frenchwomen living in the Réunion Island who were moved by the dire poverty Madagascan children live in, the association works in 3 areas:

  • Implementation of organisations adapted to the children’s needs
  • Improvement of the children’s daily lives
  • Help to education

Since 2011, Aïna has dealt with teenage mothers and their underprivileged babies.

The association is sponsored by French singer Laurent Voulzy and artist Davy Sicard from Réunion Island.