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A new signature for the BlueLink group

22 Octobre 2021

At the dawn of its 30 years, the BlueLink group, expert in customer relations, is reaffirming its conviction with a new signature: The art of Relations.

For the company with 2,000 committed employees around the world, customer relations is a matter of vocation and talent, a source of meaning and value for those who exercise it but also for the brands benefiting from its influence. Faithful to its DNA of excellence, the group therefore raises the customer relations professions to the rank of an art form.


With our new signature, we wish to restore the customer relations sector’s credentials”, explains Frank Legré, CEO of the BlueLink group. Customer relations is more than a profession, it is an art. At BlueLink, this is our intimate conviction, anchored in excellence from the outset. We are committed to upholding the values of this demanding know-how. Because it takes talent to forge powerful links, capable of energising others and getting them to engage! The brands of which we are the ambassadors encapsulate a unique history, a vision and values destined to shine. A real cultural heritage that we are committed to perpetuating. We are keenly aware of the fact that each of our clients is unique and put our heart and soul into what we do so as to shape personalised and enthralling relationships.For us, each interaction is an exclusive creation. Our art consists in creating exceptional links to cultivate customer engagement. »

This new signature is the culmination of an in-depth introspective and collective effort, carried out in order to assemble and formalise all the elements related to the fundamentals of the company: vision, raison d’être, values, promise, service benchmark and finally, a new signature. This precious raw material, requiring an objective review, took the form of a Manifesto “The Art of Relations”.


The BlueLink group now sports a new brand image aimed at enhancing its heritage and giving life to its “blue link”, in other words its corporate culture, its common thread”, points out Giada Martufi, Deputy Director of Communications and Brand Image. Our new graphic identity is the subject of a Style Book, appended to our Manifesto “The Art of Relations”. Beyond words and images, these media are dedicated to creating a new momentum as part of our drive for excellence. »

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