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BlueLink banks on the collective intelligence and creativity of its employees with the Open Sprint 2016

13 Octobre 2016

The world is changing fast: new practices and lifestyles, new business models, etc. Real opportunities may be the upshot. At a time when companies are constantly challenged over their ability to innovate, stimulating creativity in a group setting can generate new, different and inspiring ideas. With this in mind, BlueLink, a leading customer relations player, in partnership with BrainsWatt, a Parisian innovation studio, presents the first edition of its open innovation programme dubbed "Open Sprint". Intrapreneur or entrepreneur, this competition allows employees to implement their ideas at an event which borrows from the hackathon codes. After a two-day sprint to be held on 17 and 18 October, participants will have to pitch their projects to a panel of investors, startupers and BlueLink clients. At stake: the opportunity for the winners to bring their ideas to life with dedicated time and personalised support for 13 days devoted to accelerating their project.

The Open Sprint: innovative dynamics


The Open Sprint 2016 is a competition for the acceleration of intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship projects organised by BlueLink for all of its Paris-based employees in order to provide them with the material resources to create projects which are close to their heart. An experience which provides these project developers with a chance to give their idea concrete form with backing from the company.

An open innovation approach allowing BlueLink to open up to new environments, stand out from the pack and capitalise on its talents.
“The Open Sprint is a way of turning the talents of our employees to full account and supporting them in achieving their projects. An Open Innovation initiative dovetailing perfectly with our values of collective intelligence and daring, which, when combined, allow everyone to create and develop an intrapreneurship or entrepreneurship project designed to take the company forward”, said Tanguy de Laubier, CEO and Chairman of the BlueLink group.


11 ideas vying for Exfiltration


41 ideas were submitted by BlueLink employees in September. 11 of them were selected on the basis of an internal vote and will be accelerated on 17 and 18 October.
In 20 hours, teams will move from the idea to the prototype, from the blank page to the pitch on stage in front of a panel of experts: Samantha Jérusalmy from Elaia Partners, Michael Ford from Paypal, and Nicolas Beretti from BrainsWatt, among others.

At the end of the competition, the best three ideas will be selected for incubation during the following months in the Exfiltration programme led by BrainsWatt.


The winning employees will have the opportunity to focus on their project one day a week for three months, while remaining BlueLink employees. It gives them a chance to work on their project under conditions which are identical to those of a startup.

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