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The BlueLink group wins the Disability Golden F Trophy in the “consciousness-raising actions” category

29 Janvier 2016

On Thursday 14 January, the very first award ceremony of Disability Golden F Trophies took place, rewarding the initiatives taken in France in favour of disability mainstreaming. Out of 60-odd entries, the jury granted 8 trophies for specific or innovating initiatives in terms of vocational training. BlueLink obtained the Golden F Trophy in the “consciousness-raising actions” category for its “Diversity and Disability” policy.

Continued employment, recruiting and staff involvement through awareness-raising events, as well as a strong partnership with France’s wheelchair-rugby team are the spearheads of this policy. Set up in 2007, the “Diversity and Disability” policy enabled BlueLink to rise to 6.33% of disabled workers, up from 0.4% in only 4 years. Company’s current BOETH * rate is 7.8%.

In our industry – customer relations – the chief quality of our customer advisors is empathy. To this end, they must evolve in a company aware of its role within the civil society. We are convinced that societal responsibility is a real performance lever for the company”, says Tanguy de Laubier, Chairman and CEO of BlueLink.
Staff’s awareness is the best way to foster recruitment, inclusion and continued employment of the disabled. BlueLink has strengthened communications towards employees. Since 2007,
BlueLink has organised an awareness raising campaign week at least once a year around disabilities in all their forms: initiation to sign language, tours in wheelchairs, blind walks, workshops on physical or mental disorders, exhibitions etc.
Since 2013, the group has committed itself in disabled sports, especially with the partnership with the wheelchair-rugby federal commission of the French Federation of Disabled Sports in order to further the access and the practice of wheelchair rugby in France and to support the French team.
These awareness-raising actions undertaken as part of the “Diversity & Disability” policy have enabled to build a climate of trust in that respect. Each year, the employees have growingly been participating in initiatives organised within the group. Demystifying disability and showing that the disabled people have their place in BlueLink got people to talk straight about these initiatives.
“Ever since the introduction of the “Diversity & Disability” policy, about fifteen staff members, ranging from advisors up to managers, have undertaken to have their disabled worker status recognised”, underlines Marie Bleuzé, Recruitment, Training and Skill Manager at BlueLink.
In this manner, they could benefit from adaptation of their workplace or work schedule, assistance in filing for grant applications and individual career management.” “Walking through the HR’s doors to talk about my non-visible disability helped me to get an adaptation of my work schedule and to evolve within the company”, testifies Saïda Bensalama, team specialist at BlueLink


The first national edition of Disability Golden F Trophies is part of the national agreement between Opcalia * and Agefiph**. This event aims at driving businesses’ awareness on inclusion of disabled workers in business settings and boosting training, upskilling and innovation in the field of disability. Trophies are also an opportunity to create a privileged place for exchanges between the stakeholders in disability mainstreaming in the workplace in order to share best practices.
A jury made up of experts has selected the prizewinning companies on 7 different themes: continued employment, part-time work, accessibility, awareness-raising actions, mentorship, innovation, diagnosis on skills/GPEC *** policy within the so-called “Adapted enterprises” and the ESAT (“centres providing care through employment”).

* Opcalia: a state body responsible for collecting annual contributions from firms with a view to funding vocational training of staff
** Agefiph: a state body who role is to foster vocational integration and continued employment of disabled workers of private sector companies
*** GPEC: jobs and skills forecast management

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