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Airline HOP! voted 2015 Customer Service of the Year one year after launch

Jointly set up with the new airline, BlueLink designed HOP!’s customer service from A to Z. One year later it was voted Customer Service of the Year 2015.


An Air France subsidiary, HOP! was established in 2013 as a result of the merger of three of the French carrier’s regional airlines. In the aviation industry more than any other, customer service quality is a key success factor. And it was to BlueLink that HOP! turned to complete this mission to a particularly tight deadline. Thanks to its ultra-flexible and efficient procedure, BlueLink and HOP! co-constructed an excellent customer service that was voted Customer Service of the Year 2015 by Viséo Conseil after just one year in existence.


  • April 2012 – BlueLink decided to bid for the tender launched by the new airline. This was the start of the initial consultancy phase on outsourcing customer relations.
  • October 2012 – BlueLink won the contract and set up a task force to design and manage HOP!’s new customer service
  • January 2013 – Sales of flights begin and customer services opens
  • March 2013 – Inauguration of the first regular Paris-Orly to Perpignan flight route
  • March 2014 – BlueLink suggests entering the 2015 Customer Service of the Year competition to the airline
  • May – July 2014 – Competition period involving 215 “mystery shopper” tests, at a time when HOP! was rapidly expanding its services, involving a huge increase in load on the customer services managed by BlueLink
  • October 2014 – HOP! was voted Customer Service of the Year 2015
  • October 2015 – HOP! takes second place in the Customer Service of the Year 2016 competition
  • October 2016 – HOP! was voted Customer Service of the Year 2017


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At the beginning of October 2012, we learned that BlueLink had been chosen to design, set up and manage the Customer Service for HOP!, with a launch deadline 3 months later, in January 2013. This was a real challenge, which we decided to meet.
Very quickly, one thing became clear: to achieve this goal, the project needed to take a co-construction approach, with a great deal of close client involvement.
HOP! worked with us on a daily basis, providing as much information as possible on the products and services on offer. In return, the airline was able to take advantage of our customer service management and air- industry experience. We were stakeholders in the range of products on sale available services and the multi-channel customer service strategy.


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We decided that a task-force rapidly needed to be set up to manage the project, involving all BlueLink’s professional expertise.
Information systems, human resources, operational management and more… the team managed the project from concept to implementation.
This method allowed us to follow a highly-flexible procedure, thanks in particular to the steering committee meetings held regularly with the client.


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HOP!’s complete customer service was created from scratch in just a few months. We opened in January 2013 in time for the start of flight sales. At the same time, we prepared for the huge increase in load on our teams of customer service advisors, scheduled for 31st March 2013, the day the airline’s first aircraft took off.
From the start, our team of customer advisors were fully involved with the project. They identified strongly with the brand and were familiar with the tiniest details.
In April, BlueLink was ready to help HOP!’s customers take to the skies with one main aim: to be ambassadors for this new airline and promote the services it offered.


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A year after the launch of the airline, we encouraged HOP! to take part in the Customer Service of the Year awards. This meant that our advisors would be assessed between May and July 2014 through calls, e-mail and contact via social networks. We wanted to challenge ourselves and needed to show we can be bold.
Very quickly we decided to combine the teams to meet this common objective, convinced that a joint challenge would encourage us to push our limits. The client and our customer advisors gave everything, every day, tirelessly. They literally went through this adventure together.
In October 2014, when the results were announced, HOP! became the first airline to be given the Customer Service of the Year Award in the passenger transport category. This was the signal for great – and emotional – celebrations that united the teams from BlueLink and HOP!.

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