At BlueLink, we take care to ensure that your cultural activities are accessible to all your potential visitors through customer relations in keeping with your challenges and your identity.

Culture is a sector whose customers are as varied as they are demanding, not wishing to be treated as simple consumers. Choosing BlueLink, means turning your customer service management into a channel for acquiring traffic through the showcasing of your events, shows and exhibitions. Providing native language services, consistent with your particular programming, our advisors play an active role in converting intellectual curiosity into cultural activity.


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Consultancy & strategy

We provide support at every stage: from modelling your existing solution to ensuring its improvement, we will assist you in implementing excellent customer relations services.

Customer Relations Engineering

After performing an audit of your current situation, we support you in deciding on the key components of your customer relations and improving your customer handling to bring you closer to them.

Outsourcing Customer Relations

Entrusting a third party with your customer relations can be a source of concern. At Bluelink, we work to reduce this concern by objectively assessing the risks and benefits of outsourcing, and by offering you a no-commitment test phase.

Optimisation of Customer Relations

In order to improve the performance of your internal customer relations, we help you to model your forecast activity and to develop flow management and optimisation techniques.

Customer Relations Management

As specialists in customer relations management, we convey your excellence in this area to your clients, and design solutions with you that fit with your brand.

Visitor Information Service

Information, advice, sales and after-sales: we support your customers every step of the way.


Support for self-care, basket conversion rate, incremental sales, etc. Depending on your objectives, we can offer Click to Chat, Click to Call and Click to Video-call.

Purchasing and Sales

Telesales, cross-selling, additional sales: we run incoming and outgoing call campaigns to boost your turnover.

Crisis Management Platform

Close to your customers and therefore aware of their needs, we can help when you are faced with a crisis. We prepare a plan that can be deployed rapidly, including a special phone number and dedicated website area. Once the crisis has been dealt with, we take action to win back your customers.

Back-office Support

Whether managing special bookings or handling one-off events, all our expertise is made available to your customers.

Customer knowledge

Get to know your customers better thanks to data collected through your customer relations. The better you know your customers, the closer you get to them.

Monitoring Customer Knowledge

To gain the trust of your customers, first you have to understand them. At BlueLink, we gather and analyse data from interactions with your customers to help you to get to know them better.

Voice of the Customer Monitoring

Customer relations opens a window directly onto your customers’ satisfaction. We set up a collection and listening system enabling feedback from your customers to be monitored and analysed, and targeted action taken.

Listening Methods

Do you want to ask your customers’ views or make use of the opinions they express when contacting you or posting on social networks? We recommend appropriate solutions in accordance with your aims and constraints.

Our clients

BlueLink has helped create a comprehensive customer service provision, made possible through building a client relationship built on trust

Sylvie Souprayen, BlueLink project manager

Our advantages

Our experts, our expertise

Our advisors are genuine ambassadors for your brand. By placing the human aspect of contact with your customers at the core of what we do, we help them forget about the distance between them and your brand.

This also applies to project leaders, supported by industry experts such as telecoms administrators or forecasters. Writer/advisors, sales staff.

Our Quality Commitment

BlueLink is NF Service EN 15838 “Customer Relations Service Centre” certified, for all its centres, including partner centres.

This certification is the result of an approach supported by all group staff, driven by a common aim: faultless quality in customer relations.

Our support tools

Focused on customised service and added value, our premium technological infrastructure is both robust and flexible. Our customer relations management services adapts to the needs of your customers and your brand.

A full, multi-channel platform, enhanced by a smart flow distribution engine and CRM and Social CRM solutions.