Consultancy & strategy

We provide support at every stage: from modelling your existing solution to ensuring its improvement, we will assist you in implementing excellent customer relations services.

By choosing BlueLink, you benefit from our 25 years of expertise in customer management for prestige brands. After completing a full audit of your current customer relations, we construct for and with you, a customer relations strategy that matches your brand DNA. We also provide support throughout its operational implementation. We advise you on the possibility of outsourcing your customer relations whilst at all times maintaining the balance between economic performance and customer relations quality.


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Customer Relations Engineering

After performing an audit of your current situation, we support you in deciding on the key components of your customer relations and improving your customer handling to bring you closer to them.

Omnichannel Customer Experience

The types of contact channel used and their ease of access shape the customer experience. We help you to construct this experience using a simple, pragmatic method that makes implementation easier.

“Web & Social” Customer Service

We look at the challenges facing your business and the aims of your digital strategy in order to make recommendations on the social platforms, web assistance technologies and skills profiles that are best suited.

Voice of the Customer Programme

After assessing the maturity of your listening skills, we identify together the aims to be achieved and key performance indicators (KPIs) and we then recommend the most suitable skills and technology.

Customer Relations Excellence Programme

We identify, with you, the aims to be achieved and the KPIs in order to evaluate them, then we help you in raising your customer relations team to a level of excellence. We deliver an implementation plan containing recommendations, a method and a breakdown of the resources required.

Operational Excellence Programme

We help you to identify untapped sources of economic performance and to measure the satisfaction of your customers. We map your existing procedures, provide figures for potential savings and deliver a ready-to-deploy action plan.

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Following an audit of your current system, we assess the risk of fraud for your business (the probability and financial impact) and put forward a prevention plan that includes the appropriate methods and technologies for the challenges you face.

Outsourcing Customer Relations

Entrusting a third party with your customer relations can be a source of concern. At Bluelink, we work to reduce this concern by objectively assessing the risks and benefits of outsourcing, and by offering you a no-commitment test phase.

Opportunity and Impact Study

Following an audit of your current customer relations management, we assess whether outsourcing would be appropriate based on positive business or organisation-related feedback.

Test & Learn Pilot

We offer a test phase where we co-invest within a defined customer relations perimeter, over a limited period. Once completed, we evaluate the results together and gain valuable insight from it.

Optimisation of Customer Relations

In order to improve the performance of your internal customer relations, we help you to model your forecast activity and to develop flow management and optimisation techniques.

Modelling Business Forecasts

Based on business volume history, we analyse flow “behaviour”. We identify standard, seasonal and anomalous flows and offer you forecast models by the year, month, week, day or half-hour, according to your needs.

Resource Sizing and Planning

Through more reliable forecasting and knowing your response speeds and rates, we help you to plan the allocation of your resources precisely, especially for the periods when demand from your customers is highest.

Modelling Flow-Management Strategy

Whether your customer relations operations are based at one or more centres, we help you to decide on flow distribution tactics to optimise resource usage and regularly achieve your response time targets.

Our clients

The BlueLink team took full ownership of the services we offer and our values

Florence Rouah, Web, Distribution and Pricing Manager

The continuing extension of our collaboration is based on our complete trust in the BlueLink team

Stanislas Chavanat, Vice President - Head of Consumer Acquisition

A team of experts, and a dedicated contact who swiftly responds to our needs: BlueLink is a partner in whom we can trust

Emmanuel Faverjon, DICP Remote Banking manager

BlueLink built our Customer Services from A to Z and did it in record time

Joan Sheridan, Customer Care & Staff Travel Manager

Our sales conversion rate has increased by 10% for a year thanks to the work of BlueLink

Quentin Briard, Club Med General Manager, Australia and New Zealand

BlueLink delivers inspired service: professional, proficient, courteous, and caring!

Bob Hannah, Regional Director EMEA Sales

BlueLink has helped create a comprehensive customer service provision, made possible through building a client relationship built on trust

Sylvie Souprayen, BlueLink project manager

BlueLink offers us innovative business opportunities

David Collyer, Senior Director Strategic Alliance

Our advantages

Our experts, our expertise

From service engineers to quality specialists, digital managers, forecasters, fraud managers and voice of the customer analysts: our experts at there to assist with your customer relations strategy.

Our Quality Commitment

Discreet and confidential – we protect our discussions during and after our consultancy missions through confidentiality agreements.

Our support tools

From Prince 2 to mind-mapping, Lean, to Speed-Boat, we use the best methods on the market, enhanced by BlueLink-developed methodologies, to structure, create and price our consultancy work.