Customer knowledge

Get to know your customers better thanks to data collected through your customer relations. The better you know your customers, the closer you get to them.

Customer relations management opens a window directly onto your customers, their expectations and needs. At BlueLink, we have developed sophisticated methodologies for interpreting and analysing the data collected by customer relations services. This knowledge is then fed back into your CRM. It enables a tailor-made programme to be designed for your customers, leading to a genuinely close relationship.


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Monitoring Customer Knowledge

To gain the trust of your customers, first you have to understand them. At BlueLink, we gather and analyse data from interactions with your customers to help you to get to know them better.

Business Intelligence

Through data gathering and management, behavioural, sector-based and geographical analysis, we make sense of the data from managing your customer relations.

Studies, Observatories & Forecasting

Voice of the Customer Monitoring

Customer relations opens a window directly onto your customers’ satisfaction. We set up a collection and listening system enabling feedback from your customers to be monitored and analysed, and targeted action taken.

Auditing & Strategic Recommendations

After assessing the maturity of your listening skills and identifying the aims you wish to achieve, we deliver strategic recommendations covering the appropriate channels, methods and technology.

Construction & Implementation of a Voice of the Customer Programme

If you already have a strategy, we develop the appropriate listening programme with you: performance indicators to measure, methods, tools and expertise to deploy, budget and roadmap. Once approval is given, we can manage deployment.

Listening Methods

Do you want to ask your customers’ views or make use of the opinions they express when contacting you or posting on social networks? We recommend appropriate solutions in accordance with your aims and constraints.

Push Technologies

We seek your customers’ input through post-conversation surveys: email, IVR, sms, QR code, web pop-in.

Pull Technologies

We monitor and use available unstructured data – email, chat, web and social network content – and make sense of them using sophisticated semantic analysis.

Our clients

The continuing extension of our collaboration is based on our complete trust in the BlueLink team

Stanislas Chavanat, Vice President - Head of Consumer Acquisition

A team of experts, and a dedicated contact who swiftly responds to our needs: BlueLink is a partner in whom we can trust

Emmanuel Faverjon, DICP Remote Banking manager

BlueLink built our Customer Services from A to Z and did it in record time

Joan Sheridan, Customer Care & Staff Travel Manager

Our advantages

Our experts, our expertise

Business Intelligence Decision-making Project Leader, data-analyst, voice of the customer analyst, voice of the customer consultant: our experts are waiting to help your brand.

Our Quality Commitment

We keep you informed about official data protection responsibilities and the steps to take for hosting, protecting and accessing data

Our support tools

We work in partnership with market leaders in semantic analysis, listening on the web & and social networks and feedback management.