Human at the heart of customer relations

The humanly digital BlueLink group turns thoughtful customer relations into an instrument for creating value for brands.

Our vision

The digital revolution has profoundly changed the relationship between businesses and their customers. Easier access to information and increased points of contact have led to new practices and greater expectations on the part of customers, who are now more “proactive consumers”.

At BlueLink, we are convinced that in the digital age, human interaction, regardless of the channel by which it takes place, must be restored to the heart of the relationship between brands and their audience.

In this digital world, we help you to build warm, supportive customer relations, which create value for your brand. As value-sourcers, we work through co-construction with each of our clients, with a commitment to achieving the right results.

Our values


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In order to build thoughtful customer relations between brands and their customers, and in spite of doing so remotely, empathy is our key value: understanding another person’s emotional state with the rational mind, neither criticising nor mistrusting that it is their current reality. This is why our staff work in an environment that is fully outward looking, aware of its role in civil society.


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Diversity runs through BlueLink’s DNA. We provide international coverage in 28 languages, using centres based on every continent that employ native advisors. Women, men, the elderly, the young, the disabled – all talents have a place at BlueLink, a business that is proud of its multiculturalism.

Collective intelligence

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Although you can measure a person’s intelligence using his IQ, collective intelligence is not the sum of individual IQs. At BlueLink, we believe that a group has its own intelligence, which expands with the diversity of those who comprise it. The higher the proportion of women, the more efficient the group! Of course this is not about gender, but the ability to listen and encourage others to express themselves.


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Because customer relations are constantly developing and require continual revision, our experts have learned how to be bold and think outside the box when it’s in the customer’s interest; whether that means the consumer or the business.