Our social commitment

Aware of the role that a business should play in civil society, we have introduced a social programme that reflects our values.

A Proactive Approach to Disability

BlueLink launched a “Diversity and Disability” scheme at its Paris centre in 2007, built on 4 pillars

  • Awareness & Communications
  • Facilitating the recruitment and integration of new disabled workers.
  • Helping in employee retention
  • Having access to the protected sector.



These actions have brought results by removing the taboo surrounding disability at BlueLink. We have succeeded in building a genuine climate of trust: staff with health issues are no longer afraid to drop in to the Disability Mission and receive support in recognition of their disabled worker status.

Campaigns to raise awareness and promote employment or continued employment of disabled people have also been led in other group centres.

Our patronage actions

For several years now, we have been involved in various patronage initiatives.

  • Aïna, Enfance & Avenir

Because a company has an essential role to play in its environment, committing to an association that works to lift children and young mothers out of poverty in Madagascar was an obvious choice for BlueLink group that has been present in Madagascar since the creation of the ADM Blue joint venture in 2019. Through this partnership, BlueLink wishes to contribute to helping destitute children build their future, and to support young mothers in their training projects, in order to find a job or to create their own structure.

  • Aviation Sans Frontières

BlueLink and Aviation Sans Frontières have forged a partnership primarily focused on skills patronage. The company offers the humanitarian association the expert input of two volunteer employees to bolster its “sick children support” unit. Their mission:

– to help organise and plan the arrival in Europe of children who have to undergo operations as part of emergency healthcare;

– to assist the association in structuring the service.

As an officially recognised NGO, ASF provides essential logistical support to hundreds of humanitarian actors by guaranteeing the delivery of emergency aid and transportation for people around the world thanks to its network of 800 volunteers.